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What you Might Not Know about Side by Sides

Side by sides are not new but they seem to begin popping out on the trails out of nowhere. Side by sides used to be just for construction, farming, and other tasks that require moving supplies from one location to the other. Over the last few years, utility vehicles have evolved from being a workhorse into ultimate off-road vehicles. And unlike ATVs, UTVs or side by sides can be enjoyed by many riders at once.

Why People Prefer Side by Sides Over Jeeps

Although jeeps are crowned for being the best off-road capable vehicle on the road, side by sides may have taken the crown. This is because UTVs have beaten up the jeeps in terms of off-road capabilities and other features. Whether you are looking to buy a cote à cote jaune or a red one, here’s how UTVs beat the Jeeps:

  • It gives more value to the money. Depending on a side by side’s make and model, the price of a new one ranges from around $10,000 to $30,000. A new Jeep can cost between $30,000 and $45,000, depending again on their model. But, unlike the Jeep, spending $30, 000 on a side by side leaves you with a machine that is ready for the mud, trail, and race.
  • It has better suspension. UTVs can be ridden down the roughest, most uneven terrain at 60+ MPH. This is something you cannot expect with a Jeep.
  • It allows better handling. Utility vehicles come with new electronic power steering. There is no need to get any feedback from the drive train and suspension to the steering wheel. This feature can be paired with superior suspension to get handling that Jeeps can never beat. Also, the steering wheel is the reason why many people choose a UTV over an ATV.

  • It only has the necessary features. Jeeps come with a lot of safety features such as ESC, ABS, and Trac Control. However, these features may put riders in a dangerous situation when they engage while off-roading. Side by sides are not equipped with these unnecessary features.

Side By Sides can Accommodate for Many Riders

Side by sides used to be meant for just two passengers. These models have a bench set that makes room for a third passenger. However, today, UTVs come accommodate up to six passengers. This is one of the main deciding factors for buyers when choosing between a 2-up and a side by side. Many people will love the fact that they could enjoy the UTV with their family and friends beside them.

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